Author: Paul Brody

Composer/soloist: Tango Toy: Klezmer Stories

This is the first jazz-klezmer oriented CD from Paul Brody. It was produced by the Berlin state radio station and  features bassist, Carlo Bica, pianist, Jens Thomas, and drummer, Reiner Winch. (Laika Records 2000)  

Composer/soloist: Animals & Cowboys

This sonic cartoon version of America is based on folk songs and lyrics found in a 50 cent Carl Sanburg collection. It features prominent musicians such as David Moss, Gayle Tufts, Billy Bang, Michael Rodach, Ed Schuller, Rudi Mahal, and Tony Buck from the Necks. (Nrw Jazz label 2002)  

Daniel Barenboim Foundation: Pierre Boulez Saal Sound Installation

Webern from the Inside and Outside A Sound Installation by Paul Brody Videos and Explanation: Video 1: Artist’s Talk at Boulez Saal. Video 2: Sound installation. Video 3: Selection of Videos from the 12 tone contributors. Webern from the Inside and Outside A Sound Installation by Paul Brody (English translation of Webern letter fragments below) […]

Ensemble Work

Ensembles as leader, composer, soloist: Paul Brody’s Sadawi (Tzadik and Enja Records since 2007) (Six albums!) Bern, Brody & Rodach (2013-2015) ( Detonation Orchestra featuring David Moss (2005-2011) Tango Toy (1997-2004) Paul Brody Octet (1987-2001) Brody has been part of the following ensembles or performed with: (Selection) The Berkeley Promenade Orchestra (Director: Kent Nagano) San Francisco Repertory […]

The Fringe Sound of Berlin:
NPR Special

The Fringe Sound of Berlin What is the sound of Berlin? How does the mentality of the city of upheaval effect its artists? How do the artists hear their city? Production, writing, composition: Paul Brody