Author: Paul Brody

Live Electro & Poetry Part 3

Playing Poets (Part of Love&Democracy) LiveElectro & Poetry Part 3 ACUD KUNST HAUS LETTRETAGE SPACE Veteranenstrasse 21 5 Boundary Bashing Poets! Concert featuring the voices of Ellen Hinsey, Katherina Oguntoye, Carolyn Gammon, Mariam Rasheed, Isaac Goodman. —Mostly in English and some German Composer and sound artist Paul Brody will perform his third set of […]

Not Jewish Enough?

When trumpet player and composer Paul Brody moved from San Francisco to Berlin in the early 90’s, he soon began to deny being Jewish. That wasn’t due to any shame about his heritage or fears of anti-Semitism, but rather because German journalists were more interested in his family’s history as refugees from the Nazis than […]

The Fringe Sound of Berlin:
NPR Special

The Fringe Sound of Berlin What is the sound of Berlin? How does the mentality of the city of upheaval effect its artists? How do the artists hear their city? Production, writing, composition: Paul Brody

This cinematic demo will be posted for only a short time! Music selections from unreleased full length cinema film. (Cuts to show music composition only, not content) General info hidden for now. For private use only. (Premier estimated: 2023) Humboldt Forum Berlin Museum Documentary (2023) (Cuts to show music only) Directed by Charlotte Jansen Ambient […]

Barenboim Foundation Boulez Saal

Webern from the Inside and Outside A Sound Installation by Paul Brody Videos and Explanation: Video 1: Artist’s Talk at Boulez Saal. Video 2: Sound installation. Video 3: Selection of Videos from the 12 tone contributors. Webern from the Inside and Outside A Sound Installation by Paul Brody (English translation of Webern letter fragments below) […]

New opera and symphony commissions:

-Symphonic work with narration: Endangered species Carnival of the Animals. (2025) -Utopia Orchestra: Berlin Suite Premier at Grips Theater, Berlin (2024) -Maxim Gorki Theater commissoin: Eine Niere hat nicht mit Politik zu tun. (2023) Neue Nationalgalerie: Performing in Julian Rosefeldt’s Deep Gold, Arnold Dreyblatt’s Warm-Up collaboration. The collaboration with world Arnold Dreyblatt involved creating a […]

Humboldt Forum Exhibit: Tausend Welten

Schaust du gerne in die Sterne? Womit fühlst du dich verbunden? Im 3. OG des Ethnologischen Museums entsteht ein Raum, in dem du diesen Fragen nachgehen und aus Klängen und Bildern eine eigene Welt bauen kannst, die du mit anderen teilst. Gemeinsam mit Berliner Schüler*innen haben wir bereits viele verschiedene Welten gebaut und angeschaut. Nun […]

Narziss & Echo / David Marton – Road Opera

Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne composition commission collaboration with pianist, Michael Wilhelmi and live electronics artist, Daniel Dorsch. The premier was at the Vienna Theater Festival (Wiener Festwochen 2019). Performances were in France, Austria, and Berlin: Radial System. Photographer: Valentine Solé

Canadian Language Museum Yiddish Curses and Blessings

The Music of Yiddish Blessings and Curses installation was a collaboration with the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto. Paul Brody interviewed Yiddish speakers throughout the city to explore their favourite curses and blessings, as well as the stories and memories behind them. Brody was expecting that the blessings and curses would reveal a treasure of Yiddish culture — […]

Romeo and Juliet

Orchestral-electo compositions based on archive recordings of shakespearian actors. This theater production is in German but the melodic material of the musical accompaniment is based on recordings of British actors found in archive recordings. The production was for the Akzent Festival in Duisburg, Germany. Director, Kevin Barz. More info on youtube.