Author: Paul Brody

Barenboim Foundation Boulez Saal

Webern from the Inside and Outside A Sound Installation by Paul Brody Videos and Explanation: Video 1: Artist’s Talk at Boulez Saal. Video 2: Sound installation. Video 3: Selection of Videos from the 12 tone contributors. Webern from the Inside and Outside A Sound Installation by Paul Brody (English translation of Webern letter fragments below) […]

Ensemble Work

Ensembles as leader, composer, soloist: Paul Brody’s Sadawi (Tzadik and Enja Records since 2007) (Six albums!) Bern, Brody & Rodach (2013-2015) ( Detonation Orchestra featuring David Moss (2005-2011) Tango Toy (1997-2004) Paul Brody Octet (1987-2001) Brody has been part of the following ensembles or performed with: (Selection) The Berkeley Promenade Orchestra (Director: Kent Nagano) San Francisco Repertory […]

The Fringe Sound of Berlin:
NPR Special

The Fringe Sound of Berlin What is the sound of Berlin? How does the mentality of the city of upheaval effect its artists? How do the artists hear their city? Production, writing, composition: Paul Brody

Southern Discomfort: WDR

Exploring the crossroads of Yiddish and American Southern culture through a road trip with bassist, storyteller, singer, Mark Rubin.

Deutschland Radio/Prix Europa

Talking Melody-Singing Story  An Operatic Sound Installation by Paul Brody The installation has been selected as a radio art feature for DEUTSCHLAND RADIO and for the PRIX EUROPA – The European Broadcasting Festival – Europe’s largest annual tri-medial festival.   Talking Melody-Singing Story was originally created as a sound installation for Brody’s 2016 Artist in Residence project for the Munich […]

Grundgesetzland: WDR

Was bedeutet es den Deutschen, in einem Land mit Grundgesetz zu leben? Bekommt das Wort “Würde” eine andere Bedeutung, je nachdem in welcher Kultur man aufgewachsen ist? Der amerikanische Komponist Paul Brody befragt Menschen, die in Deutschland zu Hause sind, nach ihrer Sicht auf die ersten fünf Artikel des Grundgesetzes. -Von WDR 3 Hörspiel: Autor, […]

Most Wanted Poets: WDR

What are the effects of learning art in the harsh conditions of prison? (English version)

Canadian Language Museum Yiddish Curses and Blessings

The Music of Yiddish Blessings and Curses installation was a collaboration with the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto. Paul Brody interviewed Yiddish speakers throughout the city to explore their favourite curses and blessings, as well as the stories and memories behind them. Brody was expecting that the blessings and curses would reveal a treasure of Yiddish culture — […]

Living Arts Theater, Munich Walk with Robert Johnson

Music/Video Sound Installation by Paul Brody and Michael Grossmann Premiered at the HochX Living Arts Theater in Munich, Germany (2020) Music & Text: Paul Brody Video: Michael Grossmann The inspiration for Slow Walk with Robert Johnson came from Alvin Lucier’s 1970 milestone sound installation I Am Sitting in a Room, in which Alvin Lucier records […]

Daniel Barenboim Foundation: Pierre Boulez Saal 2018 Sound Installation Commission

Daniel Barenboim Foundation: Pierre Boulez Saal Webern from the Inside and Outside- Composition/sound installation   More info in English and German: Additional composition and performance event in 2018 – 2020 Munich Kammerspiele remake of Bellini’s opera, La Sonnambula directed by David Marton. (Composer and performer) The Munich Kammerspiele premier of On the Road directed by […]

Growing Hope: Alabama Prison Arts & Education Project

Growing Hope is an extension of another WDR (West German Radio) documentary, Most Wanted Poets. While visiting prison classes with Kyes Stevens, the head of the education program, I was moved by many of the talks with both students and teachers, and found them to be a valuable resource for those interested in learning about […]

Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin Art Accompanying Noise

Art Accompanying Noise (2016) is a pivotal work because it explored the sounds around each artist working while he or she talks about creative process. The sounds of work reflect the materials used, and tell their own narrative. The artist discussing their work and the results of the work are secondary to the noises, which are […]

Voices of Help Exhibit: Youth Museum Berlin

  Voices of Help (2016-2917) is a three room documentary sound installation in the Jugend Museum Berlin. The piece explores concepts of help through interviews with community and social workers around a post socialist-communist area of Berlin. (Rote Insel.) The recording of each voice received and instrument that brought out the personal qualities of the […]

5 Voice Melody-Portraits: Jewish Museum Berlin

  Jewish Museum Berlin Catalogue Text in English: 5 EASY PIECES (Surround sound installation) I admit, as a musician I have a bias towards sound. But when I think about Jewish culture, it seems to me that music and storytelling long played a critical role in transporting Jewish traditions. For one thing, visual culture encounters […]

Narrative Threads of Immigrant Culture

Mending clothes brought across an ocean, working endless hours in sweat shops, religious and group belonging, combining fabric from two continents, new fashions that start out of necessity in ghettos

Music Children’s series for WDR & SWR

Between 2007 and 2010 I produced a series of children’s shows by interviewing young musicians from around the world.   My goal was to inspire young listeners to get enjoy culture and play their own music.


  The David Marton group is a collective of musicians and actors who explore the intersection of music and theater. Currently the group has two productions at the Munich Kammerspiele,

Women Biking

This heartfelt story of a Berlin woman teaching Arabic refugee women to ride bikes reflects a huge cultural dialogue.

Tower of Bubble

  Tower of Bubble-History and Variation on a Rootbeer Float.