Author: Paul Brody

Museums Quartier, Vienna Artist in Residence

5 MINI OPERAS IN ORDINARY LANGUAGE in collaboration with photographer, Dirk Hasskarl ( just won a prize from the ‚Stipendium der Stiftung Kulturwerk der VG Bild-Kunst (Association of Visual Artists in Germany.) It started as an Artist in Residence project for the Museums Quartier in Vienna. The online presentation inspired new ideas, which lead to […]

Sound Art based Composition

City of Weimar Commission (2023)  Sound design for the new public space that is currently being created in the Altstadt (Historic area). Storywalk Gleisdreieck (2022) Storywalk Gleisdreieck was a commission from the city of Berlin (Dept. Gruen Berlin). It’s a collection of interviews from experts about the fascinating park history and nature. The musical […]

Composer/soloist: Tango Toy: Klezmer Stories

This is the first jazz-klezmer oriented CD from Paul Brody. It was produced by the Berlin state radio station and  features bassist, Carlo Bica, pianist, Jens Thomas, and drummer, Reiner Winch. (Laika Records 2000)  

Composer/soloist: Animals & Cowboys

This sonic cartoon version of America is based on folk songs and lyrics found in a 50 cent Carl Sanburg collection. It features prominent musicians such as David Moss, Gayle Tufts, Billy Bang, Michael Rodach, Ed Schuller, Rudi Mahal, and Tony Buck from the Necks. (Nrw Jazz label 2002)