Museums Quartier, Vienna Artist in Residence

5 MINI OPERAS IN ORDINARY LANGUAGE in collaboration with photographer, Dirk Hasskarl ( just won a prize from the ‚Stipendium der Stiftung Kulturwerk der VG Bild-Kunst (Association of Visual Artists in Germany.)
It started as an Artist in Residence project for the Museums Quartier in Vienna. The online presentation inspired new ideas, which lead to the prestigious prize. We are currently looking for a space to show the installation in the coming year!

Museums Quartier, Vienna

Listen and look!

Opening events at the Museums Quartier:

5 Mini Operas in Ordinary Language is a public space 8 speaker sound installation for the Q21 space at the Museums Quartier. The immersive sound installation is based on the premise that the natural speaking voice contains as much melodic quality as an opera aria. Unhook syntaxes, free the voice of being the servant of words!!

Prix Europa Broadcasting Festival features: Jazzy Diaspora-Birth of a Secular Jew

Text and composition by Brody


Film/Theater premier December 20th, 2020. Deutsches Theater  in Göttingen

  •  The Tattooed Man:  Peter Wortsman
  • Directer: Kevin Barz
  • Composer:vPaul Brody

Film premier of the French/German/USA film, Night to be gone

  • Author and director: Loren David Marsh
  • Composer: Paul Brody

The following schedule includes dates from 2019-2021:  

  • Museums Quartier Vienna-Artist in Residence (Sound Installation)
  • The Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, Germany (Sound Installation)
  • WDR Feature, Jazzy Diaspora, (Writer, Composer)
  • Schauspiel Leipzig, Germany (Composer)
  • Volksbühne Berlin, Germany (Composer, performer)
  • Akzente Theater Festival, Duisburg, Germany (Composition)
  • Canadian Language Museum, Toronto, Canada (Sound Installation opening)
  • Bauhaus Museum Weimar, Germany (Sound Installation for Bauhaus Year)
  • Vidy Contemporary Arts Theater, Lausanne, Switzerland  (Composition & Performer)
  • Vienna Theater Festival, “Wiener Festwochen”, Austria  (Composition & Performer)
  • Opéra National de Lorraine à Nancy, France (Opera Commission)
  • Komische Oper Berlin, Germany (Performer)
  • Jewish Museum Frankfurt, Germany (Permanent Sound Installation)
  • Yiddish Summer Weimar, (Performer)
  • Tour dates mostly in Europe
  • More to come!

Schauspiel Leipzig Jan. 18th. Brennende Erde (Burning Earth: a documentary Theater piece about strip coal mining around Leipzig)


Opéra National de Lorraine à Nancy Opera – composition & conception

  • Opera commission. Premier 2021

Schauspiel Leipzig  (Composer)

  • Brennende Erde (Burning Earth) is documentary theater based on field recordings and research about strip mining around the Leipzig area. The composition incorporates the sounds of machines, tractors, crows protesting, as well as traditional composition. Directores: Regine Dure and Hans Werner Kreuzinger. Premier Jan. 17th

The Institute of Cultural Inquiry-sound installation

  • The Gamblers –The Zama Zama Miners of Southern Africa; video from Rosalind C. Morris; 2019 January 7th

Akzente Theater Festival-composition 

  • Romeo and Juliet composition (based on voice-melodies from archive material of past performances)
  • March 16, 21, April 21, May 15, 16July 12, 13

Canadian Language Museum-sound installation

  • The Music of Yiddish Blessings and Curses. Opening April 4th at 7 pm and running a month

Bauhaus Museum Weimar -sound installation 

  • : Pointing the Way: The film music and sound design for stop time art film project with young people isbased on Bauhaus pedagogy. Opening April 6ths and running throughout 2019

Echo & Narcissus -composition and performer

(Dates are still being planned) 

  • Vidy  Contemporary Arts Theater, Lausanne, Switzerland: Echo & Narcissus  (Group creating.  Director: David Marton)
  • Premiers in Vienna ; 2019 June 13, 14,15 then tours until 2021. 
  • Lausanne, Switzerland; Vidy  2019 Theater: June 11-21
  • France;  Théâtre de la cité Toulouse  2019 October 1, 2
  • France; Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil:2019  December 14,15,16
  • France;  Theater Velizy  2019 Dec. 20
  • France; Strasbourg,  Le Maillon Contemporary Arts Theater; 2020 Jan 29,20,31
  • Germany, Berlin Radialsystem; 2020 February 1-9
  • France; Théâtre de Caen 2020 April 8,9
  • France; Scène nationale de Besançon; 2020 May 26,27
  • France, Théâtre de Lorient ; 2020 April 28.29
  • France, Scène Nationale de Bayonne 2020May 26, 27

Semer Ensemble concerts -trumpet

  • Komische Oper Berlin; 2019 September 15th. Finland, Helsinki Jewish Culture Festival Nov. 11th. (In planning)

Eva Mattes and Petra Jahn concert-trumpeter

  • Germany, Berliner Dom;  2020 May 8th (In planning)