Composing: symphony, opera, film, theater

Potsdam concert based on diaspora themes: August 27th, 2022 jazzoffensive goes future: Diaspora, Migration & Identität Film composition commissoins New York-Berlin film production based on the life of Rose Auslaender. (2023) Composing for and performing with Münchner Kammerspiele actress, Jelena Kuljić. Film music and a live performance as part of the film. Director, Hans […]

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Romeo and Juliet

Orchestral-electo compositions based on archive recordings of shakespearian actors. This theater production is in German but the melodic material of the musical accompaniment is based on recordings of British actors found in archive recordings. The production was for the Akzent Festival in Duisburg, Germany. Director, Kevin Barz. More info on youtube.

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