Ensemble Work

Ensembles as leader, composer, soloist:

Paul Brody’s Sadawi (Tzadik and Enja Records since 2007) (Six albums!)

Bern, Brody & Rodach (2013-2015) (www.bernbrodyrodach.com)

Detonation Orchestra featuring David Moss (2005-2011)

Tango Toy (1997-2004)

Paul Brody Octet (1987-2001)

Brody has been part of the following ensembles or performed with:


The Berkeley Promenade Orchestra (Director: Kent Nagano)

San Francisco Repertory Ballet

Arnold Dreyblatt Orchestra of Excited Strings & Winds

Ari Benjamin Meyers Redux Orchestra Versus Einsturzende Neubauten

Constanza Macras’s Dorky-Park

Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra

She She Pop

Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird

Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto with Cate Blanchett

The Stone Sessions with John Zorn and Steven Bernstein

Alan Bern’s Semer Orchestra and The Other Europeans

17 Hippies

Meret Becker Tiny Teeth

Cora Frost

Die Geschwister Pfister



Shirley Bassey

The New York Harlem Theater Ensemble

The Klezmer Conservatory Band



Paul Brody’s Sadawi Documentary film excerpts. (Solo)



Piranha Records Promotional Video: Semer Ensemble

Documentary Film trailer about Other Europeans Ensemble
Semer Ensemble on tour in Canada review: