Daniel Barenboim Foundation: Pierre Boulez Saal 2018 Sound Installation Commission

A few of the 2019 and 2020 dates:

Theatre Vidy, Lausanne. Brody helps create and performs in David Marton’s Echo & Narcissus. 
Kunstfest Weimar (DE)
Optional dates on August 24th-25th 2019.
Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (CH)
7 Performances from September 11th to Sept.19th 2019.
Le Granit – Scène Nationale de Belfort (FR)
2 Performances on December 6th-7th 2019.
L’Onde Théâtre (Velizy-Villacoublay, FR)
Optional dates  on December 12th-13th or 13th-14th.
Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil (Paris, FR)
3-4 Performances on December 17th to 20th or from Dec. 18th to 21rst 2019.
Les 2 scènes (Besançon, FR)
3 Performances from March 24th to 26th 2020 (or maybe another period between March and May 2020)
Le Théâtre de Caen (FR)
2 Performances on April 8th-9th 2020.
Scène Nationale de Bayonne & Sud-Aquitain (FR)
Optional dates on May 26th-27th 2020.



Webern from the Inside and Outside Composition/sound installation


More info in English and German: https://boulezsaal.de/webern-installation-paul-brody

Additional composition and performance event in 2018 – 2020

Munich Kammerspiele remake of Bellini’s opera, La Sonnambula directed by David Marton. (Composer and performer)

The Munich Kammerspiele premier of On the Road directed by David Marton began the 2017 fall theater season.

The David Marton Ensemble, a creative collective of actors and musicians, presented a Marcel Duchamp influenced version of La Sonnambula. This year, On the Road explores 1940’s landscape of the American psychie. “Where are you going, America?” is a question we’re still asking!

In the Marton ensemble the actors make music and the musicians act from New York to Mexico.

Here’s a TAZ review in German.