Theater/Performance Art

Breaking from the performance traditions of classical and jazz trumpet, Brody fuses his work with language, art and melody into his trumpet solos. His trumpet solo techniques often involve movement, utilising thee performance space, creating sounds, and drawing melodic inspiration from speech rather then traditional melodic ideas.

The rich experimental theater scene in Berlin lead him to the director, David Marton, who is well known for his music theater experiments. In the Marton ensemble Brody works as a performance artist, fusing trumpet improvisation with spoken word with acting. The group has enjoyed long stints at theaters such as MC93 House of Culture in Paris, the Schaubuehne and Volksbuehne in Berlin, the Chekhov International Theatre Festival in Moscow, and Burgtheater in Vienna. He gave voice-melody performances in various museums and galleries, included the Jewish Museum Berlin and Häusler Contemporary in Munich. In 2016 Brody was Artist in Residence for the Munich Kammerspiele Opera Department, where he played a singing roll on the trumpet for an experimental production of La Sonnambula.


Premiers/ Openings/ Performances

The following schedule includes dates from 2019-2021:   Museums Quartier Vienna-Artist in Residence (Sound Installation) The Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, Germany (Sound Installation) WDR Feature, Jazzy Diaspora, (Writer, Composer) Schauspiel Leipzig, Germany (Composer) Volksbühne Berlin, Germany (Composer, performer) Akzente Theater Festival, Duisburg, Germany (Composition) Canadian Language Museum, Toronto, Canada (Sound Installation opening) Bauhaus Museum Weimar, […]


  The David Marton group is a collective of musicians and actors who explore the intersection of music and theater. Currently the group has two productions at the Munich Kammerspiele,