Paul Brody's Sadawi albums can be found at Enja and Tzadik records. Other albums can be found on Piranha, Orient, EMI, Laika, Jazzwerkstatt, Traumton, Potomak...

Vanishing Night

This album features the David Marton suite, the prominent recording artist, Jelena Kuljic, and Sadawi’s most atmospheric sounds! (Enja Records 2017)

Far From Moldova

Paul Brody’s Sadawi’s most lyrical album. (Morgenland 2011)

Bern, Brody & Rodach

Triophilia is chamber jazz featuring compositions by the three soloists (Jazzwerkstatt 2009)

For the Moment

Featuring John Zorn, Frank London,  and other prominent musicians from the Lower East Side and Berlin scene, this is the last of the three Sadawi albums produced by Zorn.  (Tzadik Label 2007)  

Beyond Babylon

The second album produced by John Zorn features Alan Bern on accordion and Brandon Seabrook on banjo. (Tzadik Label 2004)  

Kabbalah Dream

This debut album of Sadawi was taken from live tracks for the Berlin Arts Council sponsored tour. (Tzadik Label 2002)

Animals & Cowboys

This sonic cartoon version of America is based on folk songs and lyrics found in a 50 cent Carl Sanburg collection. It features prominent musicians such as David Moss, Gayle Tufts, Billy Bang, Michael Rodach, Ed Schuller, Rudi Mahal, and Tony Buck from the Necks. (Nrw Jazz label 2002)  

Tango Toy: Klezmer Stories

This is the first jazz-klezmer oriented CD from Paul Brody. It was produced by the Berlin state radio station and  features bassist, Carlo Bica, pianist, Jens Thomas, and drummer, Reiner Winch. (Laika Records 2000)