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Paul Brody
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Hickory, Dickory, Dock
Englische Songs und Nonsens-Reime
English Songs and Nonesense Rhyme

Text and Music by Paul Brody

Label: >> Verlagsgruppe Oetinger
Released: Aug. 2007
ab 8 Jahren
  CD-Cover Beyond Babylon

All my little Ducklings
spielerisch Englisch lernen
Playful Learning Songs

Paul Brody

Label: >> Verlagsgruppe Oetinger
Release: Jan. 2008
Ab 5 Jahren

  CD-Cover Beyond Babylon
Participating Musicians:

Michael Beckman - bass (Rainbirds, Sony Records, well-known producer)
Alan Bern - accordion (Winter and Winter label, Brave Old World, artistic director of the klezmer summer Weimar project)
Topo Gioia - percussion (Steve Lacy, Goria Feidman)
Ari Benjamin Meyers - clavichord (Arlo Guthrie, Blixa Bargeld, Redux Orchestra)
Carlos Bica - bass (Enja Records, Jim Black, Ray Anderson)
Michael Rodach - guitar (Kevin Coin, awards for radio plays and compositions for film and dance)
Rolf Goldkind - trombone (Fantastische Vier Producer)
Vanya Suk - guitar (top avante guard performer in Moscow)
Uwe Langer - trombone (17 Hippies, Deutsche Theater)
Jens Troendle - electronics (studio work with Nina and other pop stars)
Oliver Urbanski - sax (Peter Zadik actor, Berliner Ensemble)
Robert Gutowski -trombone (Gentleman Band, MTV, Maxim Gorki Theater)
Albertina Sarges - singing (emerging singer/songwriting artist)
Mike Tuttle - bass (Painted Bird, composer)
Dirk Hasskarl - drums (Up Escalator)
Daniel Kahn - piano, accordion, mandolin, whistling (Painted Bird, international singing tours)
Lucy Kelly - violin (Madeline and Clara's mom)
Anna Schubert - french horn (Trans Median, Electric Sheppard)
Paul Brody - trumpet (John Zorn, Barry White, The Supremes)
Christian Koegel - banjo (Andreas Schmidt, Gerry Granelli)
Martin Lillich - bass (Kenny Wheeler, Pomp Duck musical director)
Marcello Moglevski - recorder, flutes (one of Argentina's best-known contemporary musicians)
Torsten Muller - clarinet (klezmer soloist, student)
Johannes Henschel - cello (Freelancer in Berlin)