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An overview of Brody’s Sound Installation Work

Sound Installation work Citing influences from Joseph Beuys, Charles Ives, Samuel Beckett, and the Art Ensemble of Chicago, along with the story and folklore collecting traditions of Studs Terkel and Alan Lomax, Brody uses oral history to create word and sound-orientated narratives from documentary material. “A story is a melody and a melody is a […]

Artist in Residence 2016 Munich Kammerspiele

Talking Melody-Singing Story  An Operatic Sound Installation by Paul Brody Talking Melody-Singing Story was originally created as a sound installation for Brody’s 2016 Artist in Residence project for the Munich Kammerspiele Opera Department summer festival. (In 2017 it has been selected as a radio art feature for DEUTSCHLAND RADIO and for the PRIX EUROPA – The European Broadcasting […]

Kabbalah Dream

Paul Brody’s Sadawi Label:  Tzadik Released: Jun. 2002 CD time: 49:30

For the Moment

Paul Brody Label:  Tzadik Released: May 2007 CD time: 41:12

Beyond Babylon

Paul Brody’s Sadawi Label: Tzadik Released: Jul. 2004 CD time: 54:34